Magnet Operated Integral Blinds

Operated by small and discreet magnetic controls

Integral Blinds in:

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integral blinds
integral blinds
integral blinds

Magnetic Blinds

Our Magnetic Integrated Blinds provide a modern alternative for partial or complete privacy in a residential or commercial setting. Our Integrated Blinds are popular in commercial settings including hospitals, offices, schools, head offices, laboratories, and many other settings. 

  • Magnets are small and discreet
  • Guide Rails for ease of use
  • 9 Colours available
  • Free colour matched controls
  • Enhanced magnet controls for ease of use

Delivery in 10 - 16 Days

Our typical lead time is between 10 - 15 days, this is one of the best and most competitive lead times in the industry.

UK-Wide Delivery

Although we are based in the East Midlands, we have a national footprint that stretches from Plymouth to Carlile. We deliver all over the UK.

Range of Colours

We offer a range of colours for both the venetian slats inside the blind, and also the colour of the perimeter frame, please request a free colour swatch.

Range of Glass Options

We can produce Integral Blinds to almost any specification you like. We supply units with acoustic glass, laminated glass, toughened, fire rated glass, and much more.


The latest Magnet Technology

We have developed our own bespoke, enhanced magnetic controls here at Behind Glass Blinds, making our Integral Blinds easy to operate when sliding them up and down your unit.

Using the latest high tech magnet technology, our experts have designed a magnetic control unique to the size of the Integral Blind – making it easy raise and lower the blind, which puts less strain of the internal mechanism; making your Integrated Blinds a better quality and more durable.


Guide Rails

Our guide rails are colour coded and help keep the magnet in the correct location when in use. This helps prevent the magnet from disengaging and falling to the floor. 

Colour Matched Controls

Not only do we use the latest high tech magnet technology in our controls, we also ensure they are the best in the industry in terms of appearance. 

This is why we paint your controls at the highest quality possible, using a colour that matches the perimeter colour of your Integral Blinds. Our magnet cases come with rollers on the back so that the magnetic slider rolls along the surface of the glass – rather than dragging like other systems in the market. 

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