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Integral Blinds Glass Options

We are able to supply your Integral Blinds using various glass options, meeting the needs of all projects ; whether it be a commercial or residential project.

We are able to supply Fire-Rated glass, Acoustic glass achieving a db (Rw) rating of up to 50, laminated glass, energy efficient glass, solar glass, and more.

If you have no specific glazing requirement, then we will supply your units using our most common glazing option; using a 4mm toughened pane, followed by either a 16mm or 20mm cavity, and then another 4mm toughened unit, with a layer of Planitherm on the outer pane.

If you have a commercial project where you need to achieve a particular fire rating – we are able to produce units that achieve FD 30, FD 30-30, FD 60, FD 60-60 and more, please contact us in regards to your requirements. We are also able to provide units achieving up to a 50db (Rw) acoustic rating.

Delivery in 15 - 20 Days

If ordered on a Friday, our typical lead time is between 15 - 20 days, this is one of the best and most competitive lead times in the industry.

UK-Wide Delivery

Although we are based in the East Midlands, we have a national footprint that stretches from Plymouth to Carlisle. We deliver all over the UK.

Range of Colours

We offer a range of colours for both the venetian slats inside the blind, and also the colour of the perimeter frame, please request a free colour swatch.

Range of Glass Options

We can produce Integral Blinds to almost any specification you like. We supply units with acoustic glass, laminated glass, toughened, fire rated glass, and much more.

Glass Options

Fire-Rated Glass

We source our fire-rated glass from UK market leaders – nationwide suppliers of fire rated and other specialist glass. We offer a wide range of fire rated glass to meet the needs of any project, in terms of both integrity and insulation – in many different sizes and formats.

Also known as Fire Resistant Glass, this is a specialist glass that has been tested and proven to provide a specific period of protection against fire; the degree of protection is dependent on the type of fire glass used. Although the protection may vary, all the glass acts as barrier that prevents the spread of smoke and flames in the event of a fire breaking out – this is known as integrity

Fire Rated glass can also protect against the heat of a fire, this is known as insulation – in many commercial projects, the use of this type of glass is important in both building safety and Building Regulations. 

  • Dust free, hygienic and maintenance free
  • Wide range of contemporary colours
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Maintain privacy whilst allowing light in
  • Ideal for homes, boardrooms and public buildings; living rooms, office spaces and conservatories
  • Ideal for homes, boardrooms and public buildings; living rooms, office spaces and conservatories

Acoustic glass can be used in settings to block the noise of traffic, people, and even the sound of raindrops. As a result of its sound blocking interlayer, acoustic glass will also hold together in the event of a critical impact, meaning that is also serves the purpose of safety. If you require a specific acoustic rating for your project, or to adhere to building regulations – we can achieve up to 50 db (Rw) in our Integral Blinds, please contact us today to discuss your projects

  • Improved Acoustic Rating
  • Protection against impact
  • UV Protection

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass is known as noise reduction glass; all glass naturally has noise reducing abilities, however, acoustic glass is specifically designed to reduce the transmission of sound.

A bonded layer is used between the two panes of glass, this bonded layer absorbs sound waves and prevents them travelling through the glass, most acoustic glass is therefore laminated. Acoustic ratings can often be a key aspect of a design for a project, that’s why we offer a range of acoustic glass with many sound reduction levels, to meet the needs of all projects.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is best easily described as safety glass that does not shatter in the same way as standard glass – because of the interlayer that has been bonded between the glass itself.

Its primary purpose is for safety; to protect against injury upon impact against the glass.  We have produced many Integral Blinds using laminated glass, for many commercial projects over the years, and have a wealth of experience in providing these units.

Laminated Glass is not necessarily stronger than standard glass, but it provides safety in the sense that upon being impacted; the glass will remain intact, rather than shattering and falling to the floor. This particular glass can also withstand repeated impacts and remain intact and as a barrier to entry; even when the glass has been broken. Certain commercial projects will require this glass as per the Building Regulations, please contact us if this is a requirement for your project.

Our Solar Control glass has a coating that reflects the sunlight back outside your home, keeping the inside of your home cooler, and blocks UV rays to protect your furniture from becoming discoloured. 

Colour Options

  • Aqua - an Aqua tinted glass with high performance solar control coating
  • Natura - A virtual neutral glass
  • Azura - Blue tinted glass
  • Solara - Bronze tinted glass

Solar & Energy Efficient Glass

BIOCLEAN self-cleaning glass has been used in many of our Integral Blind projects – it requires low maintenance as it has a self-cleaning coating. Our Solar Control glass has a unique coating that prevents the build up of heat during the summer months, as well as blocking UV rays that damage and discolour your furniture. 

With our self-clean glass, the coating uses both rain and natural light from the sun to combat the dirt and grime that develops on the outside of your window. This significantly reduces the time needed to clean your window, and also means you don’t have to spend time cleaning those hard to reach or dangerous areas.

Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass is used as standard in our Integral Blind units, most frames can accommodate a unit width of 28mm, but many cannot accommodate a unit thicker than this – such as plastic UPVC, for example.

Therefore, our units as standard are built with a 4mm toughened pane of glass, followed by a 20mm cavity, and then another 4mm pane of toughened glass with a Planitherm coating.

Toughened Glass is processed by a controlled thermal treatment to heighten its strength; it is heated at extremely high temperatures and then rapidly cooled, this makes it 5x stronger than standard glass. The main benefit of this glass is its strength; it takes a 5x stronger impact to break than standard glass, making it the perfect solution for both residential and commercial settings. We use 4mm toughened as standard in our Integral Blind Units.

  • Coloured & Tinted options available
  • Variety of sizes

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