Motorised - Battery Powered Integral Blinds

Operated by a battery pack and a small remote control

Integral Blinds in:

Bifold Doors

French Doors

In Patio Doors

In Sliding Doors

In Windows

In Doors

integral blinds
integral blinds
integral blinds

Solar Electric Integral Blinds

Our Solar Electric Integral Blinds use advanced technology to achieve fully synchronised operation in predefined groups of blinds. The solar panel is located on the external profile of the unit, and a modern, stylish pushbutton controller is used to operate the blinds.

  • Fully powered by Solar Power
  • Easy install - No hard-wiring is needed
  • Blinds can be fully synchronised as a group in the same setting
  • Rechargeable battery provided
  • Free enhanced magnet controls for ease of use
  • Up to 14 days of normal use without sun (RF enabled) or up to 199+ operations

Delivery in 15 - 20 Days

If ordered on a Friday, our typical lead time is between 15 - 20 days, this is one of the best and most competitive lead times in the industry.

UK-Wide Delivery

Although we are based in the East Midlands, we have a national footprint that stretches from Plymouth to Carlisle. We deliver all over the UK.

Range of Colours

We offer a range of colours for both the venetian slats inside the blind, and also the colour of the perimeter frame, please request a free colour swatch.

Range of Glass Options

We can produce Integral Blinds to almost any specification you like. We supply units with acoustic glass, laminated glass, toughened, fire rated glass, and much more.



  • Private homes and Appartments
  • Medical and Healthcare Settings
  • Schools and other educational institutions
  • Mental Health Environments
  • Prisons and other government buldings
  • Commerical properties
  • Childcare settings and offices

Remote Control

The remote control that is used to operate your solar electric Integral Blinds

Functions on the control include slow speed so that you can tilt you blinds at the exact angle you wish, and high speed so that you can rapidly raise and lower your blinds. Both the tilt, and the raise and lower functions are available simply by using the two buttons on the remote control.

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