Integral Blinds - Available in both the magnetic and motorised system

Operated by small and discreet magnetic controls

Integral Blinds in:

Bifold Doors

French Doors

In Patio Doors

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Behind Glass Blinds have been involved in the supply of Integrated Blinds for many years, nobody pays more attention to detail in the supply process than us - leading us to supply what we believe is the highest quality Behind Glass Blind system in the world

Behind Glass Blinds

We supply Between the glass Blinds all across the UK, Integral Blinds are also known as Interstitial Blinds, Between the Glass blinds, Blinds in Glass, or even Integrated Blinds – all these terms are referring to Integral Blinds. Behind Glass Blinds are blinds that are hermetically sealed into a double glazed window unit, when we supply our Behind Glass Blinds – we supply the entire window unit. By this we mean that we supply the entire double glazed window unit, using two panes of high quality glass; and sealing them together to create a window – the only difference being that we seal the unit with your blind inside, between the two panes of glass.

integral blinds

Maintenance Free

There are many advantages of using behind the glass blinds in both residential and commercial settings:

One of the most obvious benefits is the fact that blinds in glass are maintenance free; because they are sealed between 2 panes of glass, they cannot become dirty, damaged or dusty in the same way coventional blinds can.

This not only means you won’t have to spend time cleaning and dusting your blinds, it also means your blinds will look just as good in 10 years as when you first bought them! You are also able to have the window open in peace, without your blinds flapping around with the wind and making noise and/or becoming damaged.

Free from damage

Traditional blinds have to be replaced several times in a decade, which is not only costly, but also frustrating and time-consuming. 

They become damaged very quickly as they are exposed to human touch and physical force, they break quickly especially if you have young children in the house, or they are located in an office, hospital, or any other commercial environment. Our double glazing with integral blinds provides a solution to these problems.

integral blinds
integral blinds

No Fire/Safety Hazard

Remember, Integral Blinds are hermetically sealed into a double glazed window – fire-rated glass can even be optionally used.

Traditional blinds can be both a fire and safety hazard. Corded blinds have resulted in the deaths of many young children around the world since their introduction, our units are completely wandless and cordless – mitigating against this problem. Our blinds also are far less of a safety hazard, as they exist between the glass they cannot catch fire easily – the same cannot be said about conventional blinds.


Not only do we use the latest high tech magnet technology in our controls, we also ensure they are the best in the industry in terms of appearance. 

This is of course another great benefit, they can be installed into areas where traditional blinds may not be suitable, such as bi-folding doors, sliding doors, and french doors. Integrated Blinds are of course installed between the panes of glass, therefore bi-fold doors will be able to open and close without any obstruction, unlike conventional blinds which would need to be raised every time you wanted to open and close your doors.

integral blinds

Delivery in 10 -15 Days

Our typical lead time is between 10 - 15 days, this is one of the best and most competitive lead times in the industry.

UK-Wide Delivery

Although we are based in the East Midlands, we have a national footprint that stretches from Plymouth to Carlile. We deliver all over the UK.

Range of Colours

We offer a range of colours for both the venetian slats inside the blind, and also the colour of the perimeter frame, please request a free colour swatch.

Range of Glass Options

We can produce Integral Blinds to almost any specification you like. We supply units with acoustic glass, laminated glass, toughened, fire rated glass, and much more.

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