Integral Blinds for Bi-Fold Doors

Blinds for Bi-Fold Doors
Our Blinds for Bi-Fold Doors are sealed between your double-glazed units, the blinds move in sync with the doors and are never in the way

Why Integral Blinds are perfect for Bi-Fold Doors

Research shows that 62% of consumers are dissatisfied with current bi-folding door treatment options (vertical blinds, curtains, rollershades). There are many reasons for this, bi-folding doors often cover a large area and the use of traditional blinds is simply not feasible due to size restrictions, they also would obstruct the operation of the bi-folding doors, making then unpractical. Curtains also pose many problems for Bi-fold doors, they get in the way, they spoil the opening, they blow around in the wind or breeze, they are exposed to the elements in a shower and curtains could actually damage the doors if they were to snag in the runners.

The alternative is to mount blinds on your Bi-fold doors, and roller blinds are often considered by consumers, but they don’t look good sticking out and could stop the doors from stacking. They also come with all the same problems as conventional blinds – they get dusty and dirty, they are unhygienic, they are a safety risk, they require maintenance and cleaning and they flap around in the wind.

Integral Blinds are the perfect solution for bi-folding doors because the blinds are thermally sealed between the two panels of glass that sit in your bi-folding door frames. The blinds move in sync with your bi-folding doors and are never in the way. They are the perfect blinds for Bi-fold doors as they do not obstruct the operation of the Bi-fold doors, or the folded stack of the Bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors with blinds solve all of the problems posed by conventional blinds and curtains – they do not get in the way, they do not spoil your opening, they do not blow around in the wind or breeze, they are not exposed to showers and cannot damage your doors.

Can Blinds with Integrated Blinds be retrofitted into my bi-folding doors?

We manufacture and supply double-glazed units with a blind sealed in-between, these double-glazed units with magnetic blinds can then be retrofitted into your existing bi-folding doors. Please remember, you will have to remove your existing double-glazing and replace it with the double-glazed unit we supply, the standard unit thickness of our Integral Blinds is 24mm or 28mm.

Why choose Bifold doors with blinds inside?

  • Magnetic blinds for Bi-fold doors are easy to operate and come with a 10-year guarantee
  • Bi-fold integrated blinds require no dusting, cleaning or maintenance
  • Bi-fold doors with built in blinds have no exposed cords, reducing safety risks
  • Visual privacy – create a wide open view or enjoy complete privacy with your Bi-fold window blinds
  • Natural light – open for maximum light or closed to reduce glare and solar heat gain
  • Bi-fold doors with internal blinds move in sync with doors and are obstruct the operation of your bi-folding doors

If you are interested in our blinds for Bi-fold doors or have any questions or concerns, please give us a call on 0800 411 8632, if you would like a quotation from us, please give us a call or use our contact form.


Bi-Fold external doors with blinds

Our magnetic blinds for bi-fold doors are operated by two small discreet magnetic controls, they sit on the face of the glass, either on the left or right hand side. Sliding the controls up and down the face of the glass operates the blind inside the glass, both raising and lowering the blind, as well as tilting it open and closed. Our bi-folds with integrated blinds are unique as they are the only fully-featured and fully-symmetrical system in the world, our integral blinds are full-optimised for the use in bi-folding doors. We would reccomend aluminium bifold doors with blinds, but they can be used in all bi-fold doors including upvc and timber.

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