Integral Blinds for bi folding doors, windows and conservatories

UK supplier of integral blinds - also known as integrated blinds and interstitial blinds, our team here at behind glass blinds have over 25 years experience in the industry. Our blinds in glass are ideal for use in bi-folding doors, windows, and conservatories; coming in a wide range of colours and glass options.

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Our sealed units with blinds inside are controlled by two small magnetic controls - no cords or strings!

Our Internal Blinds are one the UK’s only fully symmetrical & easy to raise Integral Blinds which are operated by two small magnetic controls as shown in our gallery – we also offer electric units too.

When we say our reasonable price Integral Blinds are the UK’s only fully-featured system, we are referring to the various features of our Integral Blinds – these features enhance the appearance, usability, and durability of our product; they are also not available anywhere else in the UK, these include:

  • High Quality Colour Matched Controls – the standard controls offered by our competitors are not colour matched, and are only available in a limited number of colours, the finish of the control is poor and it stands out like a sore thumb.
  • Bespoke Enhanced Controls – we bought Integral Blinds from all of our competitors in the market (except SwiftGlide system), and found their Integral Blinds were stiff to operate when using the magnet control to raise and lower the blind inside the unit, the control sometimes disengaged and fell to the floor, or was very difficult to operate. Our experts here at Behind Glass Blinds developed our Bespoke Enhanced Controls for easier and faster operation, using the very latest magnet technology, our enhanced system makes the controls easy and swift to use – making them more user-friendly and durable. 
  • Bespoke Guiderails – Our guide rails are colour matched to the blind system, they are designed to keep the magnet on the surface of the glass when in operation. 

Our magnetic integrated blinds are a simple, yet functional manual operated system. Operate the blinds by simply sliding the magnet control up and down the control zone. The magnets move up and down with ease, which in turn move high strength magnets up and down the side rails. The blinds move twice the distance that you move the controls, saving you time and effort. The blinds raise, lower and tilt functions are achieved using a magnetic transmission through the glass, thereby guaranteeing the unit’s hermetic seal. These blinds are manufactured to the internal sizes of the sealed units, fitting neatly between the two sheets of glass, with room to spare.      FIND OUT MORE

The motorised system is the perfect solution not only in terms of convenience and ease of use, but also provides an alternative to large units when the magnetic system is not feasible – no hard wiring is needed with this system. This is a high performance  motorised system. The electronic blinds raise, lower and tilt functions are achieved by the means of an internal motor in the top rail of the blind unit, which is powered and operated using the electronic control unit, or the rechargeable battery pack which is attached to the glass or frame. To operate the blinds simply use the up, down and tilt buttons. The Electronic Control Units are rechargeable so no need to worry about the cost of constantly replacing batteries.    FIND OUT MORE

Our hard-wired system provides the same motorised benefit as our solar electric system – being able to remotely control your Integral Blinds from the comfort of your sofa, you are also able to synchronise and group your blinds so that they function simultaneously. The internal motor is again concealed in the headrail of the unit; the motor is controlled by a slick remote control that can be operated anywhere in the room. With the hard-wired system, nothing is attached to the face of the glass, giving it a modern and stylish look – instead each Integral Blind is wired directly to the power source.        FIND OUT MORE

What are Integral Blinds

Commonly referred to as Behind Glass Blinds, Integrated Blinds, Interstitial Blinds, or even Blinds in Glass; Integral Blinds are Blinds that are fitted between a double glazed window unit, you cannot physically touch them as they exist between a sealed double glazed window unit. 

They are most commonly operated by two small powerful magnetic controls, that rest along the left and right side of the sealed unit, they can also be operated electrically using a remote control. The blinds function like any traditional blind – you can choose to have both the raise and lower and the tilt function, or just the tilt function alone. 

Some of our customers choose to have the tilt function alone, as they do not wish to be able to raise and lower their blinds – and are still able to tilt them to look outside and let the light in, while maintaining privacy. However, it is your choice as to whether you have both functions, or just the one.

Here at Behind Glass Blinds, we like to meet the needs of all of our customers – that’s why we offer a wide range of glass and colour options when building your units. We supply your Integrated Blinds just the way you want them, and we do it in 10-15 days. Contact us now for an itemised and detailed quote.


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How do Blinds in Glass work

Let’s imagine your Double Glazed windows in your home – they are made up of 1 pane of glass, followed by a cavity (space in between), and then another pane of glass – making a sealed double glazed window unit, they are then installed into your window frames. Behind Glass Blinds are built the same way, except the blind is inserted into the cavity of, or between the two panes of glass

Magnetic Integral Blinds

Our Magnetic Integrated Blind system is completely cordless and wandless, making our blinds neat and unobtrusive in your home – as well as making it the safest Behind Glass Blinds system in the world. Our sealed units with blinds inside are controlled by two discreet magnets, the magnets are removable and are placed around the perimeter of the glass unit. One magnet controls the tilt function of the blind, and one magnet controls the raise and lower function. Sliding the magnet up and down the glass will stimulate its corresponding function; by either raising or lowering the blind inside the glass, or tilting the blind until it is open or closed.

Electric Integral Blinds

Our Electric Behind Glass Blinds comes in two systems, battery powered or hard-wired. Our battery powered behind glass blinds are wirelessly motorised via a rechargeable battery pack, the pack is magnetically attached to either the glass surface or the frame. No hard-wiring is needed with this system, making installation quick and easy with no electrician needed. They are raised and lowered and tilted at the push of a button, using a remote control or using buttons on the battery pack. Our hard-wired motorised system is powered externally with nothing attached to the glass surface, each unit needs to be wired directly to the power source.

Why use Behind Glass Blinds

  • Dust free, hygienic and maintenance free
  • Wide range of contemporary colours
  • Made to bespoke sizes and fit perfectly within the 2 panes of glass
  • Easy to operate with our enhanced Magnetic system
  • Ideal in rooms where blinds could get wet, such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Maintain privacy whilst allowing light in
  • Ideal for homes, boardrooms and public buildings; living rooms, office spaces and conservatories
  • Help regulate energy bills

Whether you are looking for blinds for bifold doors, or blinds for french doors – our units are ideal for bi-folding and sliding doors where other types of blind and curtain are not practical or achievable. Our blinds inside glass are perfect for controlling room temperature, maintaining privacy, protecting your furniture from fading and adding a stylish finishing touch to your room. Using our windows with built in blinds eliminates the need for cleaning, and gives you a wide selection of contemporary blinds that will never get damaged – you don’t have to worry about them flapping around in the wind with an open window.

Our Venetian-style blinds are installed between two glass sheets inside the double glazed unit to give you the ultimate protection from the heat and glare of the sun and at the same time making sure they stay clean  – forever. They are also available in triple glazed sealed units too. 


We offer an extensive colour range for our Behind Glass Blinds, with 9 colours available – whether they are for your home, for an office, school, college or university building; our blinds in glass are available in a wide range colours ranging white through to dark grey – ask about our dual colour slats and our screen printing too.

Retrofitting your Integral Blinds?

We regularly get asked whether or not we can retrofit Behind Glass Blinds into your existing window frames – and the simple answer is that yes we absolutely can, assuming that your existing window frame supports the current method of glazing the units.

Assuming that your windows or doors are already double glazed, they should have a minimum of a 26mm – 28mm unit thickness. Our units are able to be retrofitted into frames that can accommodate a unit thickness of 26mm and above, the most common unit we supply is a 28mm Integral Blind.

In addition, your existing double glazed windows should be glazed with a beaded, gasket, tape glazing, pocket, or rebated system. These methods of glass installation ensure easy removal and re-glazing thereby enabling you to replace your old double glazing with blinds in double glazed units. 

Will they work with any window or door?

Do we offer blinds for french doors? blinds for patio doors? blinds for bi-fold doors? These are questions that we are commonly asked, and the answer is yes. Our Integral Blinds are the only Integral Blinds in the UK that are fully optimised for sliding and bi-fold doors.

Our Behind Glass Blinds will generally work with any window or door; certainly in any outward or opening inward window or door, and of course bi-folding doors, french doors, casements windows and many others. 

They can also be provided for internal partitions, facade glazing, screens, or any other type of glazed product. Please give us a call if you are unsure. Our behind glass blinds are the ideal innovative product for homes, offices, academic buildings and clinical environments. 

Our Behind Glass Blinds

When we say our units are easy to raise and lower, we mean that our behind glass blind system IS the easiest blind system in the UK to raise & lower.

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